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Plus il y a d'énergie solaire et éolienne, plus il devient difficile, et onéreux, de garantir la stabilité du réseau. Un stockage d'énergie intermédiaire devient donc rapidement un outil essentiel pour maintenir dans des limites raisonnables les fluctuations d'énergie survenant sur le réseau. De plus, comme les prix préférentiels garantis (feed-in tariffs) diminuent, les raisons économiques pour installer un système de stockage domestique permettant d'augmenter l'autoconsommation sont de plus en plus solides. Un stockage d'énergie intermédiaire augmente l'autoconsommation de l'énergie solaire et/ou éolienne récupérée. La prochaine étape naturelle consiste à obtenir 100 % d'autoconsommation et d'indépendance par rapport au réseau.

Heritage Mansion storing 450kWh solar energy

Built in an era when tradesmen were paid to create ‘a thing of beauty’ – large heritage buildings have to either find new purpose or fall into disrepair. 150 years after it was built, a mansion in Adelaide, Australia, has been repurposed as a technology HQ for Zinc Bromine Battery manufacturer Redflow, together with offices […]


The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® offers independent power supply, wherever it may be required. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® own consumption system is an uninterrupted AC Power (UPS function) system, switching from inverter to shore or generator and back is automatic and so fast (within 20 milliseconds) that computers and other connected equipment are unaffected and continue to operate as normal. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® Systems are normally not connected to the grid.

KNUBIX Technology Storage and Energy Management Systems

Energy delivered by traditional suppliers is becoming more and more expensive. When green energy is requested, the price rises even further whereas traditional resources are depleting. For many people, these scenarios are the main reason to switch to a sustainable solution, like a self-consumption system. With such a system, it is possible to operate grid independent and have wind or solar energy as the main energy source. Many different scenarios are possible, based on the specific needs and consumption of a household.

Wapserveen.com: an innovative, environmentally-friendly business

Wapserveen.com was founded in 2004 in the town of the same name in the Dutch province of Drenthe. Its owners, Jan Blok and Angelique Schipper-Blok, started the business as a dairy farm. Later, the business was expanded to include earthquake-resistant log houses, beekeeping activities, bed & breakfast accommodation, a studio and free-range cattle. Sustainable and eco-friendly business practices come first and foremost at Wapserveen.com, so it was decided to install an off-grid system supplied by Victron Energy.